The «DENTAFILL» Group of Pharmaceutical Companies focuses its production potential on the latest engineering solutions in producing medicines offering its consumers high quality products protected by a trademark and meeting quality standards.


The factories of the Company are supplied with advanced technology equipment; they represent a modern complex producing and packing medicines in the form of tablets, capsules, galenic preparations, injection and infusion solutions, on the basis of the most modern Swiss technology Bottlepaсk BFS, dry powder antibiotics, ointments, suppositories, syrups, suspensions, liquid medicaments as well as toothpastes and medical supplies (gloves).


The international authoritative organizations have acknowledged the operation of the Company. In 2010, the standards of ISO 9001:2008 quality management system have been introduced, which was approved by a corresponding certificate. Applying newest technologies, ensuing safety of the products, employees and environment, the Company produces pharmaceutical drugs in accordance with the guidelines of the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). 


The «DENTAFILL» Company constantly strives for introduction of new solutions in the sphere of pharmacology, which makes it possible to meet the needs of population safely and effectively.


Pursuing its strategic aim, the Company makes adequate contribution in the development of pharmaceutical industry of the Republic of Uzbekistan as well as supplies not only national, but also international market with high quality and affordable products.


An integral part of the strategy of the company is social responsibility.